Anyone uses Transposh knows that the available widget to switch language is not so flexible to fit the need of any website: many web designers/developers want just to put some flag in the primary menu, or maybe a dropdown, if they use many languages in their websites; many would like to customize the aspect of the language switcher to fit the look\’n\’feel of their websites; and so on…

  • Language Switcher for Transposh does the folowing things
  •  it gets default language and used languages from Transposh plugin settings
  • it allows you to add as many flags as used languages are; in addition, administrators, authors and editors will see an Edit translation button as last item in the primary menu which will allow them to activate the Transposh Editor
  • it allows you to choose between Transposh flags or flags provided by Language Switcher for Transposh itself
  • it allows you to add to your language switcher menu item all classes you need: this allows you to make it look accordingly to your theme style using the same class your theme is using for navigation menu items
  • it allows you to choose to use just simple flags or a dropdown, and if this is the case, you can choose if using a select or an unordered list to build your dropdown
  • if you use an unordered list as dropdown, you can choose if the list items will show flag only, text only or both flags and text
  • it allows you to totally customize your language switcher using the css editor provided

WordPress Team is currently checking Language Switcher for Transposh and I hope it will be soon available for the download in the website.

You can download teh plugin from the WordPress Plugins Directory.

(The basic idea for this plugin comes from an article I wrote sometime ago,
How to use a custom language switcher with Transposh to build a multi-language WordPress website)