How to develop locally a Laravel app using Laragon

In this article I’ll show you how to develop locally a new Laravel app using Laragon. In the far 2017 I wrote an article about how to setup Laravel Homestead: the process is not as quick and easy as you can wish but following each step you can end up […]

Installing phpDocumentor

Installing phpDocumentor issues solved!

Installing phpDocumentor should be easy. At least, I read here and there in the Internet, besides of course in the official website,  that you have many options to install it, one easier of the previous one! So I was absolutely confident that in a bunch of minutes I’d have been […]

Speed image

Improving page speed: optimizing images

Optimizing images for your web page images is a very important and strategically crucial task to improve the average page speed. Image size affects your page speed in several ways and we have to take care of different techniques to optimize page. Resize your images First, we have to take […]